Zigzagfun « fashion » bracelets for your hair!

Zigzagfun, made on the Canarian Islands of recycled fabrics are bracelets that you can also put in your hair. Zigzagfun doesn’t damage your hair. You just pass your hair through the bracelet and pull the string and it fits perfectly. Fashion bracelets for the beach, every day, sports, dancing and when you need them you take them of your wrist and put them in  your hair. Ofcourse you can just wear them as a nice colorful bracelet.

Fan of a football or basketball team or any sports?  Take your favorite colors to support your team:)

Tris Tras is like a little lasso for your hair.

Zigzagfun sports:

Contact us for the colors of your team, Zigzagfun is perfect for all sports, gymnastics , team sports etc. We offer all country colors too!  We are also looking for events where we can present  Zigzagfun.


Zigzagfun video  here: